Blossom This Froot For Thought [EP]

by Strange Froots



BTFFT is the second EP of Cote-Des-Neiges-bred girl group Strange Froots. Differing slightly in maturity from their eponymous first EP, BTFFT delves deeper into the Froots' identities (Black queer femme millennials who grew up on 90's and 00's hip hop), calling Black people to action, providing an anthem to young QTPOC, and opening up about the complex feelings of navigating interpersonal relationships with people who can't or won't acknowledge their position in a world built to suppress them. The EP, created in the context of CJLO's OnRotation Artist Residency, aims to diversify the definition of the hip hop opus.


released July 14, 2016

All songs were recorded at The Oven (CJLO 1690AM), in Montreal, QC, Canada by Patrick McDowall. All songs were written by Strange Froots except where noted.
All tracks produced by Mags with the exception of "Sunflower Soul" and "Million"; guitar by Naika Champaigne.
All tracks mixed and mastered at The Oven by Patrick McDowall.
EP art and illustration by Mags.
This EP was made possible through the CJLO OnRotation Artist Residency Program under the supervision of Joana Cumo, sponsored by Community Radio Fund of Canada's Radiometres grant. All rights reserved.


all rights reserved



Strange Froots Montreal, Québec

Strange Froots is a trio of singers-songwriters, musicians and beatmakers, comprised of Mags, SageS and Naïka Champaïgne. These 3 young women were brought together under NoBad Sound Studio. Strange Froots is the coming together of different backgrounds as well as drastically different musical influences, to convey an all-new brand of Black Girl Magic and a genre they call "alternative chill-soul". ... more

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Track Name: The 3 Fates
I didn't ask for this, but you didn't ask me
So is this your idea of equality?
Can someone help me? Can someone set me free?
Can someone hear me? Do you see what I see?

Terra, Mother Gaya
Call me what you want but don't set me on fire
Now did you forget who made you?
You twist and turn what I gave to you

What you do to my roots
Burn fossil fuels, ruled by the
Cruelty of patriarchy
Return to the matriarchy

Schools won't teach you how to love me
Corporations put cars above me
Making bad biopics about me
Spills and floods, typhoons and droughts, B

You draw lines and colonize
My body, but look through my eyes
I weep and y'all just call it bad rain
But all too soon you'll share my pain


I'm a dinosaur
Using me for fuel
Y’all say gimme some more
You take, you burn
Don't even think twice
But whatcha gonna do when my cousins run dry?

Cash it in
Die a little within
Overlooking the planet for our next of kin
Wonderin' why the air's so thin
And why greed is a 7 deadly sin

All for one and one for all
Is lost on the people that do not crawl
On dirt, on pavement
Hard working
For a planet others are deserting

If I was alive I'd eat all of you,
And spit you back out
Overlooking the truth
A comet didn't fall out of the sky
Because it was lonely and wanted to say hi (wake up!)


What you gonna do about poor people?
No money or resources so horrible
Polluted water to feed our souls
Gimme some more
Acid air in our ghetto holes
Gimme some more
Turning paper planes into shooting stars
Oil burns our view from afar
Shutting it down
Misunderstanding all around

Burned out skies, burned out Sun
That’s the future I’m leaving for my son.
Burned out trees, smoke some weed
That’s the only plant that we know how to feed.
Wild fire, used tyre
That's getting us pumped but we all tired
Merchandise black gold, gimme some more
Proper education? Bullshit some more


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